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HTML5 & CSS3 Editor For Mac OSX

Xpressive is HTML and CSS Editor For Mac OSX. You can rapidly edit and tweak your code with many intuitive features for HTML5 and CSS3. Your idea will be saved while you are playing with Xpressive. Let`s make your coding fun again!

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Live Wordpress Styling

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Design In Live Completely

The whole point of "live design" is to make a change on the code and have it immediately reflect on what is displayed on screen without reloading a page.As a result, you can achieve your results much more quickly.

Style Inspector

It is not even necessary to open the style sheet by yourself. Style Inspector finds your file and rule. This inspector immediately reflects on what you edit. You can directly tweak, insert and eliminate elements for Style, Media Query, and Keyframe.

DOM Inspector

DOM Inspector shows you how a browser will read your HTML and will immediately find the element you need. Use the Drag & Drop to add elements from the Snippet and Element List. This way you can design a truly dynamic DOM Document.

Timeline For Keyframes

If you have a complex animation, you can still manage it easily with the Keyframes Timeline and the Style Inspector.

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Xpressive is designed for the web desginers and web developers who use mac OS X.We will support them as they develop even better products today.


Mac OSX 10.8 or Later.

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